Your safety is our priority

Drivers are pre-screened, all rides are GPS-tracked . We have created an in-app rating system and offer world class customer service to both riders and drivers

Background Checks

We conduct background checks on all drivers and verify all documents including license and insurance and ensure all drivers met the required government regulation.

Vehicle Quality

All drivers must have vehicles made 2008 or later

Driver Pre-Screen

All drivers are pre screened before they allowed to to accept ride requests


Riders can rate their experience, all rating received will be confidential. Ratings 3 and below will be escalated to a case manager.

Case Management system

All poor ratings and complaints are sent immediately via our robust case management system and a case manager is allocated to the case

Cashless Transaction

All payments can be settled with a credit/debit card in the app.

Driver Transparency

Once a ride has been booked via The Instant Ride App, a pop up will appear with your drivers picture and car details as well as the contact number of the driver.

Safe And Secure Pick-Ups

The instant Ride automatically picks up your location, you can be picked up from the comfort of your home or your current location. Once your driver has arrived our app will notify you then you can leave your destination. No need to wait in a dark alley or street until your drivers gets to you.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and for assistance with our services and app.

087 654 0238